Alternate Login - BETA

One of the primary complaints that is common amongst web users, is that they hate having to create new accounts and remember new passwords.

Many providers now offer the ability for web builders to use their sign-in details on their own site. OpenID is founded on that principle alone

ConSof Alternate Login is a phpBB module that allows users to sign in and register at a phpBB board with a pre-existing account that is supported by a variety of providers. Currently included are:

  • Windows Live
  • Facebook
  • *MySpace* - Has been removed in favour of OpenID which is also supported by MySpace.
  • OpenID

Eventually more are planned to be added. OpenID also allows LiveJournal and other sites that use OpenID's.

WARNING! The installation of the ConSof Alternate Login phpBB Module makes major changes to your phpBB files and database. Ensure you have made appropriate backups before installing this program.

Before you attempt to install the ConSof Alternate Login Module you should first sign up and note down the neccessary API Keys and API Secrets required by various providers. The ones used by ConSof Alternate Login Module are all free.


Windows Live

You will need to follow the instructions on this page: MSDN.

Add a Live Service and note down your Appication ID and Secret Key.

Make sure your Return Url is set to http://{}/{phpBB_location}/alternatelogin/al_wl_connect.php

Replace your domain name the location of your phpBB forum where appropriate.


Facebook requires you to add the Developers Application to your profile.

Follow the instructions on this site for creating an application: Facebook Developers

Once your application is set up you need to note down your Application API Key and Application Secret.


OpenID does not require any prior preparation and does not rely on API Keys or Secrets.

Installing the Mod:

The ConSof Alternate Login phpBB Module is designed to be installed using the AutoMOD Module.

Setting up the Admin Panels:

There are four panels available for the Alternate Login Mod. One is mandatory for the Mod to have any functionality.

  • Main Manager (Required)
  • Facebook Manager (Optional)
  • Windows Live Manager (Optional)

Using these panels you can enable apply the previously obtained API Keys and Secrets as appropriate. It is recommended that you do not enable Facebook, Windows Live or MySpace unless you have the appropriate keys and secrets as this will only cause you users confusion.

Additionally, enabling the Windows Live feature without an appropriate API Key will cause an error alert to appear for every page that contains the Windows Live sign in icon.

Setting up the User Control Panels:

The UCP panels allow users to link or unlink their user accounts. This means it can be applied to an existing board with existing users and the they will not have to create new accounts. Users do not need to unlink their accounts prior to linking with a different account type, i.e. From Facebook to Windows Live.

By requesting the new link the old link will be automatically removed.

There are four available panels:

  • Facebook Manager (Optional)
  • Windows Live Manager (Optional)
  • OpenID Manager (Optional)

At this point the ConSof Alternate Login Plugin is ready for use.